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Never ever give up!

Суть одна, а картинок великое множество! )))












Palestinian Problem

Remember this poster back in the '80s of the stork and the frog with the caption, "Never give up!" Obviously I borrowed that image and relabeled it to illustrate the Palestinian civil unrest in Gaza. I searched the internet to find the artist's name to give him or her credit but I came up empty. I did find, however, a couple of other versions of this cartoon.

Sometimes editorial cartoonists will use a popular cartoon character if the character relates to a particular political or social issue. For instance, Lucy pulling the football away from the gullible Charlie Brown has been used many times.

This cartoon idea came to mind while reading a story about the fighting in Gaza. News agencies are reporting that Hamas has gained the upper hand in the fighting but Fatah is resisting. I toyed with the idea of drawing different animals like a vulture and a skunk. You know, something more representative of the characteristics of these terrorist organizations, I mean, political parties. But in the end, I decided to go with the image that I think more people will remember.

This cartoon was reprinted in USA Today's Weekend Edition. Too bad that the paper known for color doesn't run the editorial cartoons in color. This cartoon looks a lot better in color.




Ну и последнее ))

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